Consulting Land Surveying Services as provided by Licensed Alberta Land Surveyors are normally within the sphere of land related issues, but can span other areas, depending on the expertise of the individual or firm providing the service. Alberta Land Surveyors are specialists in measurement technology and land tenure. Their professional area of expertise is in defining and establishing boundaries, be that of title boundaries, leasehold boundaries or limits of interest with respect to boundaries. In general, Alberta Land Surveyors can also provide advice on land development, spatial databases, property management, facility capture, measurement technology and data acquisition techniques.

The services provided by an Alberta Land Surveyor can provide valuable input into your projects, enhancing data capture and substantiating data integrity. Their knowledge and experience can ensure your land-related issues are addressed and your property rights protected.

Involving an Alberta Land Surveyor early in your project planning means they can provide advice on survey related issues up front and identify potential areas of cost savings as well as economies associated with utilization of common data for multiple products/services required for your project. This also enables the Alberta Land Surveyor to preplan resource requirements for your project to ensure qualified personnel are available for the surveying services contemplated, thereby ensuring your scheduling and cost requirements are met.

Knowing the scope and overall objectives of a project allows the Alberta Land Surveyor to preplan the most efficient survey methodology to be used through consideration of survey control, equipment, personnel, etc.

This preplanning can often mean the elimination of repeat surveys over the same area due to lack of establishment of proper survey control or poor personnel coordination.

All Alberta Land Surveyors are compelled to follow the Code of Ethics for their profession. This is an important assurance to you, as the public, purchasing services from a practitioner.

In addition, all Alberta Land Surveyors registered/permitted for practice in the Province of Alberta must carry professional liability insurance to ensure protection of the public. This insurance extends not only over surveys performed, but also on consulting services provided as Alberta Land Surveyors.

For further information on Land Surveying in Alberta, you may contact the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association ( to obtain publications such as Surveying Services in Alberta, Owning Land, Subdivision Development in Alberta and other items of this nature.