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A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document prepared under the supervision and control of an Alberta Land Surveyor that illustrates the size and location of all visible improvements on a parcel of land relative to the boundaries of that parcel. This document is based on a field survey to obtain measurements to the existing improvements and the survey monumentation that governs the parcel boundaries, as well as a plan and title search to confirm the status of the parcel and surrounding lands.

A Real Property Report is normally carried out to facilitate the purchase of a property. Lending institutions want to ensure they are lending funds on properties that are in compliance with the required setbacks and site restrictions demanded by the municipality of jurisdiction. Submission of the Real Property Report to the municipality will assist you in obtaining a Building Compliance Certificate to facilitate your mortgage transaction.

A Real Property Report can also be used by a prospective purchaser to merely confirm the existence and location of improvements and encumbrances with respect to the parcel.

You can generally expect to find the following information on your Real Property Report:

  • the legal description and address of the property
  • the dimensions and locations of property boundaries as determined by a field survey
  • the monumentation found by the Surveyor that has been used to determine the boundaries of your parcel of land
  • the location and dimensions of all buildings and improvements relative to property boundaries, including any overhangs or eaves
  • the location of existing fencing and relationship to the property boundaries
  • the location of adjacent properties, roads, lanes etc.
  • the location of any visible encroachments on the property by neighboring buildings, utility poles, driveways, etc.
  • the type and location of any land related encumbrances or interests relating to the extent of title (utility rights-of-way, encroachment agreements, access caveats, etc.)
  • a written statement that provides the surveyor’s opinion of improvements, locations, encroachments and outlines the limitations of the Real Property Report

You should keep in mind that a Real Property Report is designed and created specifically to assist in the purchase of a property. It is not a complete site plan and may not illustrate all improvements such as landscaping or sidewalks well within the parcel limits.

Yes, all buildings on the property and improvements along the sideyards should be shown, however, there may be other site features that are within the property that will not be shown.

A Real Property Report does not normally include the establishment and placement of the corners of the parcel either. If you need to have the limits of your parcel marked on the ground for fencing or for personal reasons, you should discuss this with your surveyor at the time of your request for a survey.

The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association has derived guidelines for the survey and plan preparation of Real Property Reports to ensure a consistent and reliable service is provided by all Land Surveyors. Copies of the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Manual of Standard Practice are available from the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association website –