A Subdivision Survey is a survey that is carried out to establish new land parcel boundaries and the associated titles for the parcels.

A subdivision survey is required when an existing titled parcel of land is to be divided into smaller parcels or when an existing title boundary requires adjustment. Subdivisions in Alberta can be effected by plan of survey, descriptive plan or metes and bounds description. In most cases subdivision approval, endorsement by the local municipality and endorsement by the landowner before the Instrument can be registered at the Land Titles Office and Titles for the new parcels issued. In addition to the above, other instruments and documents relating to land transfers, easements, discharges and caveats may be required in the registration process.

The subdivision process in Alberta is not a simple matter and depending on the size and complexity of the project may require the services of several professionals including an Alberta Land Surveyor.

Alberta Land Surveyors are the only persons authorized by Alberta Statue Law to establish property boundaries. This is accomplished through a field survey and preparation of a plan depicting the boundaries established and monumentation set to demarcate the same.

The Land Surveyor signs this plan indicating he has carried out the survey in accordance with the various acts & regulations and in conformity with the good surveying practices.

The Alberta Land Surveyor’s role in the process may also include:

  • conducting a site and topographic survey prior to subdivision design
    preparing a tentative plan of subdivision as part of the subdivision application
  • acting as an agent for the owner of land in submitting a subdivision
  • application for approval to the local authority
  • assisting in the subdivision process through presentations, appeals, etc.

There are several statutory requirements involved in the subdivision process including those contained in the Municipal Government Act, Land Titles Act and Surveys Act of Alberta.

For further information please click here for a free brochure “ALBERTA’S SUBDIVISION PROCESS” as published by the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.