Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd, is an Alberta Corporation owned and operated by Commissioned Alberta Land Surveyors. The company originated in Edmonton in 1905. It has been operated by various Land Surveyors over the years, under several corporate names, however, the firm became Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. in 1964. The company is currently under the ownership, management and control of two Commissioned Land Surveyors – Wayne Wesolowsky A.L.S., P. Eng. and Doug Neufeld A.L.S., C.L.S..

Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. provides Land Surveying Services throughout Alberta encompassing a broad spectrum of the survey sector. Services include resource based surveys (wellsites, pipelines, access roads), industrial surveys (plantsite control, as-builts and layouts), environmental surveys (topographic detail, piezometer & test-hole location, private locate/buried facility location) and cadastral boundary surveys (subdivision, road, property boundary staking, etc.). Hamilton & Olsen Surveys also offers services for land consultation, riparian boundaries, deformation monitoring and architectural surveys. All surveys are completed under the direct supervision and control of one of our Land Surveyors.

Survey operations utilize the latest in measurement and plan processing technologies. Real time kinematic GPS, total station equipment, computer based processing of data and plan generation and digital plan transmission are all part of our day to day operations.

A commitment to safety and the safety of our staff is incorporated into all our survey activities. Hamilton & Olsen Surveys is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and holds a Certificate of Recognition for their past and present Safety Program and Safety Management Practises. Our Safety Manager is continuously monitoring and enhancing our Safety Program.

Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. is permitted to practice under the Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association, the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors and the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologist and Geophysicists of Alberta.