The present firm of Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. was incorporated in 1961, however the company’s roots go back to the turn of the century.

In 1904, Alfred Driscoll was commissioned as a Dominion Land Surveyor (D.L.S.) and in 1905 formed A. Driscoll & Co. located in Edmonton. Richard H. Knight (D.L.S.) joined Alfred Driscoll in 1906 to form Driscoll & Knight.

Reginald H. Cautley (D.L.S.) joined Driscoll & Knight a short time later to form the company Driscoll, Knight and Cautley.

When the Land Surveyors Act of Alberta was formed, Driscoll, Knight and Cautley became Alberta Land Surveyors (A.L.S.) as chartered members of the Alberta Land Surveyors Association.

In 1943 Oluff Inkster (D.L.S., A.L.S.) joined in to form Driscoll, Knight, Cautley & Inkster.

In 1949 Geoff C. Hamilton (A.LS.) and Edward K. Phillips (D.L.S) partnered to form Phillips, Hamilton & Associates.

A short time later in 1950, Inkster sold Driscoll, Knight, Cautely & Inkster to Geoff Hamilton & Kent Phillips.

In 1954, under the control of Geoff Hamilton, Lawrence (Buck) Olsen (D.L.S. A.L.S.) joined together to form the company known as Hamilton & Olsen Ltd.

Then finally in 1961, under the control of Buck Olsen, the firm was renamed to Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd.

In 1989 Wayne Wesolowsky (A.L.S.) purchased Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. from Buck Olsen and retained direction and control of the firm.

Doug Neufeld (A.L.S., C.L.S.) joined Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. In 2001 and the current operations of Hamilton & Olsen Surveys Ltd. are directed and controlled by Wayne Wesolowsky, A.L.S. President and Doug Neufeld A.L.S., C.L.S., Vice-President.